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Tell me a bit about Sue Martin…

Sue  Martin  is  president  and  owner  of  Ag.  &  Investment  Services,  Inc.  she has  more than 30  years  experience  in  the  brokerage  business. (she started young)

Earlier in her amazing career, Sue  served  as  secretary-treasurer  of  the  National  Introducing  Brokers  Association,  and  also  served  on  the Nominating Committee of the 1994/1995  National  Futures  Association  Committee.

Sue  is  a  daily  analyst  for  the  University  of  Illinois  Radio  Station,W.I.L.L.  in  Champagne-Urbana,  Illinois.

W.I.L.L.’s Broadcast area  covers  two-thirds  of  Illinois,  parts  of  Indiana,  Ohio  and  southern  Wisconsin.

Sue also writes  an  article  featuring  market  trends  in  agriculture  for  AG  Week,  a  Farm  based Newspaper  in  Grand  Forks,  North  Dakota.

In  addition to these media outlets ,  Sue  is  a  regular  analyst  on  “Market  to  Market”  which if you are not familiar, is  a  weekly  TV  program  syndicated  on  Public  Broadcasting  TV  stations  across  the  U.S.  and  Southern  Canada and last but not least she also is a guest analyst for Ag Day and Weekend U.S. Farm Report.

Sue  offers  daily commentary  and  market  analysis  for  radio  station  KFRM  which  covers  Kansas,  Oklahoma,  parts  of  Nebraska,  Texas,  Colorado,  New  Mexico,  Arkansas  and  Missouri.   Occasionally,  she  is  heard  on  WHO  radio  in  Des  Moines  as  a guest  analyst,  and  does  commentary  for  the  Linder  Farm  Network  which  covers  23  stations  throughout  Minnesota  as  well  as  the  Farmnet  Network  that  is  syndicated  throughout  the  Mid-west  once  a  week.

If you have been looking for a Brokerage Firm, Run by a person who knows the Markets better than most… and who routinely out smarts the dailies Keeping you informed way ahead of the curve.

This is the place for you.

Your search is over.

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